Tom Atema Jr.

Tom Atema Jr.

Tom Atema Jr.

When Tom Atema Jr. began his career 23 years ago in the audio-visual industry as a corporate meeting AV tech, he saw how vital relationships were to his work—certainly on a daily basis, but just as importantly, for the long term. So it was no surprise in 2008 when he opened Atema Partners that his goal was to make the company relational above all else. 

Today, Atema Partners is the parent company to other relationship-driven organizations, which are the premier providers in their respective sectors: AP Live, the leader in audio-visual solutions—including large-format video and LED support—for corporate meetings and events, festivals, concerts, and exhibits worldwide; and OCD Labs, the forerunner in custom wiring and infrastructure packaging for concert touring and fixed production. 

After a decade of continual growth, Tom attributes his businesses’ success to relationships and top-notch service. “We really want to help our clients,” the proactive owner/CEO says. “That desire is a primary element of our organizational DNA. And because we are very intentional about our relationships with those we serve, they know that their goals are our goals.”

A 1996 Full Sail University graduate, one of Tom’s most rewarding roles is supporting and guiding others in their personal and professional development. He serves on the Board of Directors of Heart for Lebanon Foundation, a faith-based ministry that provides transactional, relational, and transformational relief to refugees in the country of Lebanon. At home in Franklin, Tennessee, he also serves on the Williamson INC board of directors, and is an advisory board member of Studio Tenn Theatre Company, as well as the Heritage Foundation’s Franklin Grove Estate & Gardens.

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Tom also shares a lot about his CEO journey in the form of a book full of wisdom and practical advice, The Failure Myth: An Intentional Strategy That Will Take You Anywhere.

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