The Failure Myth

Whether you’re a business owner, leader,
or just starting out, this story will inspire you!

The Failure Myth book.

How have Tom Atema Jr. and his team achieved so much in just 10 short years, when there are so many stories of failure that surround us all? Tom has learned that you don’t have to fail miserably before you achieve success. You can be debt-free and have a cash reserve, productive employees, and a fulfilling life that extends beyond your business.

The Failure Myth helps business owners achieve their own version of success by walking them through the same process that took author Tom Atema Jr. from a local start-up to a global, $10 million dollar company in ten years. Using practical application and conversational tone, The Failure Myth provides a framework and additional tools to help you re-define your own success story.

If you’re thinking about launching a business, experiencing a plateau in business, or you’re ready to mentor others in business, learn the process Tom took personally and professionally to make the connection between character and success.

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