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Audiovisual Management

The message you’re delivering at your event is the purpose, and we want to make sure it’s the only thing your audience hears and sees. Your audiovisual design and management should always enhance your message.

Our audiovisual management services include pre-event and event-day planning tools and resources to provide you with a detailed customized plan for the execution and management of your event on-site.


It’s necessary for the audience to experience clear audio in the room. Depending on your needs, we use technology that includes automatic microphone mixing, which gives us unmatched control over a large group of live microphones, allowing our technicians to quickly respond to changes in speakers while minimizing background noise and the possibility of feedback. Sound good?


It’s equally imperative for the audience to clearly see your slide shows. We often use large screens, bright projectors and a 100 percent digital video path to ensure the best reproduction of the important images and graphics that are the foundation of your content.

Our audiovisual management services include:

  • Custom audio design, to create the best sound experience for your audience.
  • A variety of wireless and specialty microphones, to ensure your guest speakers are heard throughout the venue.
  • Live meeting support.

On-site Office Set‑up

When you arrive at your destination for your event or meeting, we can help you operate as though you never left your office.

 Some of the services we’ve provided include:

  • Ordering equipment and managing delivery and set-up
  • Networking printers and high-speed Internet access
  • Installing printers to computers


Presentation Management

Give us your slides and we’ll do the rest. Our staff is comfortable working with both Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems and application software.

Before the event we use our secure FTP site to gather all the content you have. On site we review your slides to make sure everything advances correctly, at the right time, and looks great on the screen from your audience’s perspective.



Event Technology Consulting

Whether you’re a meeting and events professional, meeting management company, or other events industry stakeholder, finding the best event technology solution is a challenge. Our team is available to provide you with practical, customized solutions before, during, and after your meeting or event.