Part 1: Why you should be teaming up with an A/V company

August 5, 2016

Why You should be teaming up with an A/V Company

Having an A/V Team in your back pocket can save you lots of stress.

In this 3-part series, we are talking about why you should be partnering with a trusted Audio Visual company for your next event. It might seem like a small concern for you and your company, but we’ll explain how you might be missing out on the advantages to having a trusted professional on your side when you need it.

Some of you undoubtedly know there are typically three options for your event A/V.

1) Go with the “in-house” provider such as PSAV or Freeman who are in most hotels and venues across the globe.

2) Sift thru pages of Google to find a local A/V company in the city where you are hosting your meeting.

3) Use a trusted Audio Visual partner for your meeting.

Obviously, we’re a little biased in which option we think is best but hear us out! Check out some of the advantages you get by using a company like Atema Partners.



What do you value?

One of the biggest compliments our clients pay us is that we “know the drill.” Being onsite for a meeting can get extremely stressful….really quickly. Having a team of people who are familiar with how you and your team like to operate is worth its weight in gold. They know what dongles your attendees need to connect their computer to the projector, and smaller stuff like keeping the same IP address for wireless printing.

Local and in-house companies might not have that kind of info, or stick around to ask how you like things done. You have enough to worry about, consistency shouldn’t be one of them.

“It’s All about Relationships”

Everyone has heard this age-old statement. We at Atema Partners have built a company around it.

Imagine having to make one call or send one email to get the ball rolling on your event no matter where it is or when its taking place. Atema Partners believes in the power of relationships by providing a dedicated project manager  that will work with you for all your events. Which means when you have to add another breakout room or ask question about your invoice you know you have a level of trust that a local or in house company can’t provide.

Another advantage to our system is that we can pull from a very large base of freelance staff based around the U.S. (and the globe), which can offer familiar faces to you and your attendees. Our staff becomes invested in communicating your message perfectly every time because they know and care about you and your team. You’re not just another client to us.

When we build a relationship with you, everybody wins.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Capability and cost are a big part of working with any A/V Team

No matter what kind of A/V needs you have for your meeting it is important to be direct and ask your prospective supplier if they have experience in what you need them to do. If you need to webcast an advisory board or have a general session that needs a 100ft LED wall and your contact sounds a little hesitant but agrees, ask for examples or a case study of their work in the past. You need to be sure that your A/V team is capable of what you want.  Not all A/V companies do everything. 

We are often asked if we can provide something that is outside our guardrails or expertise. Though its tempting to say yes, we value honesty and trust more than making a bit of extra money.

Along those lines, cost is a huge factor for any meeting planner or company. Utilizing a company that is honest about cost is a big part of what our clients love.

Imagine working in a hotel that has a union contract and you need to move the screen closer to the stage.  Seems fairly simple! You ask the onsite A/V team to make it happen, and everything is great. When the bill comes in you see you were hit with a huge labor charge! WHY?

In a union hotel moving a screen means having not only stagehands come in to move the screen, but a projectionist to re-focus the projector and electricians to move the power and tape the lines back down.  When you work with an outside A/V company that can give you an objective understanding of what the cost will be you can avoid any nasty surprises at the end of the program.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of

‘Why you should be teaming up with an A/V company!”